February 18, 2016

Follow These Steps And You, Too, Can Be A Video Journalist!

I’ve never been a fan of lists that tell people what they need and a step-by-step process for doing great—or even good—video journalism.

The fact is that today, equipment costs should not be an obstacle. Sure, fancy equipment can afford you a few more tricks. But the equipment doesn’t make the story.

The skill of the storyteller does. The bests could use nothing more than an iPhone, a $20 mic and audio recorder, and a tripod to compose a great piece.

That being said, here’s a list that serves as a great start. Plus, it includes a shout out to Boyd Huppert, one of the greats. Boyd manages to not only tell incredibly powerful stories but to tell them inside a local television newscast. Pretty unbelievable.

9 key elements that can help journalists be better video storytellers

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