October 26, 2008

The Stranger (A Halloween Story)

If this letter ever reaches you, you’ll know what to do.  Just do the right thing. That’s all I ask.

I should have never opened the door.  Oh why, why!  I had been sitting in that big chair all night staring at the television.  Like I was in some sort of trance, barely breathing.

I can’t even remember what I was watching.  Isn’t that remarkable!  To not remember!

The doorbell was like a loud scream in my ears.  I should have known right then.  It made me jump.  Startled me.  Scared me, really.  Oh, I just thought I was scared then!  Why did I answer the door!

I wasn’t expecting anyone at that time of night.  I tied up my robe and unlocked the door.  That was the moment right then.  The unlocking.  I can still hear the lock click!  I hear it now!  To be able to lock it back now!  And him standing there.  The stranger.

Standing there, soaking wet.  I wanted to look at the puddle at his feet.  But I couldn’t take my eyes away from his stare.

His stare!  I still feel it upon me even now.  It burns through my eyes!

And his hat!  Yes, I just remembered he had a hat.  In his hands.  A large black hat, with a wide brim.  It matched his dark overcoat.

And he didn’t say a word for the longest time.  That stare!  Why didn’t I scream for help, or close the door!

His words were so calm.  They made me feel so calm.  Even now, my racing heart slows to remember those words.

“My truck.  It just died, ma’am.  Might I make a call using your phone?”

Could anyone say no to such a request?  Oh, he knew.  He knew once I unlocked the door.  That was the moment.

And now!  Now I fear he will come for me any minute.  Any of these words could be my last.  I can barely make out these words even as I scribble them down myself.  I am mad with hunger.  He only feeds me pieces!  Tiny pieces, though I beg of him for more!

Do not be as I was!  Do not answer the door.  He will know, if you unlock the door.  That’s when he knows.

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