August 8, 2008

Today’s Most Interesting Stories

John Edwards and his love child

An actual news story broke by the National Enquirer a couple of weeks ago, now with pictures.

Smell my finger.

How your fingerprint can tell scientist what you’ve been touching.

Police raid Maryland mayor’s home and kill his dogs

Did L’Oreal lighten Beyonce’s skin for an advertisement?

Do you care?

Katie Holmes cuts her hair

Xenu told her to.

Odd facts about the number 8

Eight reasons to waste more time at work.

Pilot lands plane by using text messaging

Read this and never fly again.

$12 computers for developing countries

Why is a handgun toy included in the kit?  Anybody else see a problem with training third-world populations to use guns for fun?

Russia goes to war

Or at least comes very close.

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  1. Niceeee Bro!

    Good to see that you started blogging.

    Looking forward to see you next weekend. And I still can’t get hold of the “gift” you asked for!! High in demand I suppose:)

  2. domni says:

    Just to let you know i’ve been here:) keep writing, i love to read you.

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